the perfect soft boiled eggs

These little nuggets of happiness are such a special treat. They seem technical and hard to perfect, but once you try this recipe, you’ll never feel that way again. And you’ll find yourself craving that jammy yolk, firm white, and wonderfully balanced bite. Serve with a little sprinkling of sea salt and some hot sauce for an eye-rolling, moaning, “Stop, I need a moment”, bite.

Serving: 2 “eggcelent” soft boiled eggs 


2 large eggs


salt, optional

hot sauce of your choice, optional 



In a small pot, fill up with water about 3/4 the way up. Place on the stove, and turn your burner on to medium-high heat. You want the water to be at a very gentle boil. Take your two eggs, and using the tip of a small, sharp knife (we use a paring knife), poke a small hole in the “flat bottom” of the eggs. This allows for steam to surround the membrane around the egg which makes peeling SO EASY. Place the eggs in the gently boiling water, and using a utensil (we use a chopstick), swirl your eggs around in the pan for 1 minute. Put that minute on a timer—timing is everything with this recipe. We swirl our eggs in a circular motion. This helps the yolk to be centered when cutting into the egg. We’ll do anything for a perfect egg. After the minute is up, you can stop swirling the eggs. Set a new timer for 6 minutes. Leave the lid of the pan off, and allow the eggs to tenderly boil away. Keep that water at a gentle boil—don’t let the boil become too rapid.

While the eggs are cooking, create an ice bath. Get a medium sized bowl filled with ice and a little cold water. When the timer goes off, immediately drain the eggs and place them in the ice bath. Move them around in there to help cool the eggs off, about 20 seconds. Don’t let them sit in there too long, or else that yolk will firm up. Then, using the back of a spoon, smash the shell around the egg. Start at the bottom of the egg, where you punctured a hole, and peel the shell off. It should come off without breaking any of the white. Peel the shell off slowly, you want that perfect white—smooth and unscathed. 

Cut the eggs in half lengthways, and eat straight away while they’re still a little warm. Sprinkle with salt and hot sauce!




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