homemade egg pasta

When traveling throughout Italy, we had the opportunity for a hands on lesson from Bolognese sfoglino, Pio. There, we learned a simply perfected recipe of egg pasta that always works. Use the dough for fettuccini, parppadelle, lasagne, ravioli, cannelloni, etc, etc…the pastabilities are endless.



200 grams “00” flour

2 eggs

pinch of salt



Mix your flour and salt together in a bowl. Dump the flour mixture out on a clean counter and create a well. Create tall walls for your well, and make a large enough well to fit your eggs. There shouldn’t be any flour in the center.

Crack your eggs into a separate bowl to avoid a bad egg or shells. Put the unbeaten eggs into the well. Begin by whisking your eggs using a fork in a vertical, circular movement. Once the eggs have been beaten, use the side of your fork to continue that motion while slowly scraping the sides of the well in the center to incorporate the flour into the eggs. As the flour is slowly being mixed in with the eggs, use the side of the fork to push the walls of the well out, creating a larger well, to keep the eggs from spilling out the sides. Continue to do this until the eggs and flour have created a thick paste but not all flour has been fully incorporated. Using a bench scraper, begin folding the dough onto itself, adding the remaining flour, in a kneading motion, and pressing as you go. Once the flour has been mostly incorporated, begin to knead the dough with your hands. Using the palm of your hand, roll the dough from the top of the palm to the heel of your hand, then fold the dough over onto itself, and repeat. This movement is not about strength or muscle; it’s about fluidity and consistency. Continue kneading the dough in this motion until the dough is smooth, and when you push your finger into the dough, the dough bounces right back.

Cut the dough in two, and wrap each disk in plastic wrap. Refrigerate over night. 

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